Joe Robinett really helped us get through our first home purchase. He answered tons of questions and always made time to help us out. His team was equally responsive and helpful.
– Steven B.

I found Joe Robinett through my awesome Realtor, Scott Thomasson. I went to my bank first, and was originally told everything would work out just fine. I was in a situation where I was changing jobs, would be making substantially more money, and wanted to purchase my first home under my new salary bracket. The added twist was that my new job was on the other side of Texas, so I needed to have a place to live when I started. The bank decided it wasn’t possible after I already put an offer on a house. In an extremely short [amount] of time, Joe was able to assure me that I would get financing and was able to close quickly! I am extremely grateful!
– Jennifer D.

As a real estate professional, it’s a must to work with a great lender. Joe Robinett and his team always provide exceptional service to my clients through their excellent communication, experience, and easy-to-use software that keeps everyone updated during the entire process. Joe isn’t just a lender that I refer to my clients, but MY lender for my personal needs as well.
– Danielle B.

As first-time homebuyers, the process was long and tedious. Joe Robinett was there for us every step of the way – from the numerous questions we had, to meeting us on the day we closed to celebrate. The process was smooth and comfortable and a lot of that had to do with Joe and his professionalism. The difference between Joe and everyone else is that he really treats you as family, even after the process is completed. Thanks, Joe!
– Zane T.

Joe Robinett was awesome from the start. Being our first “big” home purchase, he was happy to answer all questions and always presented us with worse-case scenario deals. By doing so, we knew he always had our best interest at heart! Really appreciated him throughout the process and [he] was by our side on closing day! Thanks, Joe, that meant a lot!
– Rendi H.

Joe Robinett went over and above the call for an amazing loan experience. This being my second home I’ve closed on, the customer service was second to none compared to past companies. When looking for a great loan officer, stop you have found him!
– Thomas G.

Joe Robinett is the best in the business! He kept me updated on what was going throughout the whole loan process. He was always easy to contact and open to answering any questions that I had. He also made the paperwork side of the process very easy as it was all done digitally. He makes sure to inform you of all of your options then lets you decide which is the best for you. Very satisfied with working with Joe as a first-time homebuyer.
– Christian G.

Joe did a great job ensuring everything went smooth[ly] with our mortgage and closing. He got us a great rate and ensured everything was ready before the close. We talked on a daily basis and explained where we were in the process and what additional items were needed. If you’re looking for someone who puts his clients first and will deliver on his promise, Joe Robinett should be your broker.
– Ryan G.

Joe Robinett did an amazing job to ensure we would be able to close on the house we fell in love with. Every time we were concerned about something Joe would encourage us and help us to better understand all the processes we were facing. He gave us first-class service from start to finish, and there’s no way we could have done it without him.
– Kyle R.

I really enjoyed working with Joe Robinett on my mortgage for my home in Michigan. Joe made the mortgage process as smooth as it can possibly be. He was very responsive, and he kept on top of things to make sure everything was moving on schedule behind the scenes. I’m glad Joe was recommended to me, and I’d highly recommend him to anyone I know who’s in the market for a mortgage.
– Mark W.